RetinaClick Strategy

RetinaClick Custom Design Strategy Wins

Design Strategy is the most important principle in creating a winning website. RetinaClick Design Strategy includes visual appeal, content, functionality, user-ability, marketing, analysis and maintenance. Our custom Design Strategy is key to your website in the following ways:

Visual Appeal: Style, layout, colors and images on your website make a statement about your practice. Visual images will reflect and complement the message you want to present to your patients. RetinaClick makes your website engaging…for your patients and your practice.

Content is King: Your site’s content is the most important tool for turning your website visitor into a patient. We evaluate your goals and your patient’s needs to generate key information for your site visitors. RetinaClick makes your website valuable…for your patients and your practice.

Functionality: Your website provides written content and visitor interaction to quickly find specific information. We offer numerous interactive features to include on your site to elevate visitor satisfaction and allow for efficient operation of your website. RetinaClick makes your website sensible…for your patients and your practice.

User-ability: An efficient website has logical structure and simple navigation. RetinaClick websites are fully tested to ensure maximum user-ability with various browsers and internet speeds, proper links and other features. RetinaClick makes your website approachable…for your patients and your practice.

Marketing: We utilize proven techniques to promote your website on the internet. Our goal is to have your website appear topmost in search engine results for appropriate search terms. By increasing recognition of your practice’s name and brand, we aim to capture the attention of potential patients online, to engage their interest, and deliver them to your practice. RetinaClick makes your website perform…for your patients and your practice.

Analysis: Top-performing websites are accomplished by analyzing visitors' behavior and testing different variables to measure results. RetinaClick offers this analysis to boost your marketing effort. We analyze visitor numbers, what they view, and for how long, links that they follow and much more. We then make recommendations on what aspects of your website need to be enhanced to improve value to your patients. RetinaClick makes your website connect…for your patients and your practice.

Maintenance: Regular, timely updating of website content is important to your professional image. RetinaClick can update site information such as contact information, personnel or other content in a timely manner. Maintenance may include editing content or pictures, as well as adding or removing information as your practice grows and changes. RetinaClick makes your website efficient…for your patients and your practice.