RetinaClick Professionals

Dan Reinders - Project Director

Dan has loved working with computers for as long as he can remember – 2nd grade, 3rd, 4th? Regardless, quite a long time. He claims that he was a geek since birth, but when he was introduced to technology, it became official. Dan whizzed his way through his Civil Engineering degrees: BS at Michigan State University and MS at University of Wisconsin. His career developed as a consulting engineer and as sales engineer for a manufacturing equipment company. He helped to produce ROI (Return On Investment) solutions for customers. Since 2003, he has operated his own company in computer consulting and web development, design and tech coding. Dan enjoys interacting with clients to build relationships. He’s also keen on problem-solving and creating value. He is able to use his gifts as an analytical thinker along with winning people skills to solve client’s diverse technical issues. Dan has found his niche. He can’t imagine a better fit for his abilities and dreams.

Dan loves people: observing, helping, discussing, working, playing, and laughing with people. He’s involved - with and for people - at home, work and in his community. Dan is known to his two son’s friends and their parents as the coolest Dad around, because he acts like a big kid. He’s also a great role model as respected school board member, civic leader and sports coach. Dan loves sports and actively plays basketball, roller hockey and softball. In the winter you might see him flash by hurdling down mountains or jumping off a cliff with skis strapped to his feet.

Julie Terwelp - Creative Design Director

Julie descends from a long line of creative geniuses: watercolorists, painters, designers, potters. Her great-great grandfather was a skilled typographer for L. Prang in Boston, the first American company to create and sell Christmas cards. Julie has always known she was to be an artist. Julie attended East Carolina University in the highly-competitive Communication Arts department, earning a BFA in Graphic Design. She admits to being a creative geek and worships her computer. She recognized early on that graphic design would be revolutionized by digital technology and pioneered to train herself on this magical tool. Innovation and order are constant ambitions in Julie’s life. Julie embraces new challenges and finds the dynamic edge of web design exhilarating.

Julie has 20 years experience building professional, responsive and affable relationships with businesses for their design needs. She has cultivated her talents with diverse creative ventures, ranging from museum exhibit design, medical exhibit projects, promotional fundraising campaigns, and specialty periodical publishing. Julie has piloted her own creative firm for the past ten years. Her design expertise strengthens the communications impact of her client projects. Julie’s adaptability to varied media also expands as business communication focuses on the interactive. Julie credits her deep insight on human nature, concentrated perception and flexibility to moving often as a child - nine states and a dozen schools. She respects distinct personalities, enjoys collaborating and strives to establish long-term client relationships.

Like many creative types, Julie dances to the beat of a different drummer. She loves music and enjoys dancing to her favorite rebel-inspired alternative country, Steve Earle, and regularly cranks up the disco ball to boogie down with her kids. Currently Julie is earnestly training to become a whiz at her kids’ American Idol Dance Mat and reading her book club selection featuring the inspiring genius American Architect/Artist Frank Lloyd Wright.

Patti Banks - Creative Copy Director

Patti has always loved a creative challenge. As a child, she crafted doll furniture, designed greeting cards, drew cartoons, authored stories and poems. Patti won kudos for her artistic and writing talents, much to her delight. A native Ann Arborite, she acquired her passion for knowledge and a penchant for cultural and intellectual diversity. She charged into her formal training at prestigious College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI and earned a BFA with a double major of Graphic Communication and English.

Patti has 25+ years creative experience in diverse mediums: from traditional corporate identity such as websites, brochures, trade ads, catalogs, posters and logos --- to large scale retail displays, trade show design, billboards, and vehicle/bus graphics. She likes to wear numerous hats - with professional expertise in marketing strategy, creative design, technical and copywriting, corporate event planning and public relations. She’s worked for organizations of every size and type: advertising agencies, corporations, small businesses, non-profits.

Though Patti trained in the traditional graphic methods, once she got her hands on a computer she was hooked. She considers her computer a vital part of her family. Patti talks to her computer frequently, but decided that when she gives it a name and forgets her children’s names, she might seek professional help. Maybe. Patti lives and creates just outside Ann Arbor with her left-brained husband and three imaginative kids.