RetinaClick Connects

24/7 Information = Value

RetinaClick increases accessibility for your patients. Our talented team creates a website that is dynamic and easy for your patients to understand and navigate. We carefully analyze your goals to produce a website full of information - anticipating your patients' questions and making sure your practice’s web site has exceptional user-ability.

Your website will allow your patients the opportunity to access your practice’s information at their convenience…24 hours a day…7 days a week - immediate answers when THEY are looking for it.

Key advantages

Attracting new patients. Studies show that the majority of internet users are from a higher income bracket (68% make $50,000 or more). Furthermore, they are determined to find the best, newest medical treatment options. Thanks to online research, this includes researching what types of treatment are available and who in their area offers it.

Enhanced image and uniqueness of your retina practice

An opportunity to promote patient confidence

Improved office efficiency with easy-access patient materials

RetinaClick provides a custom-tailored internet tool to serve your patients, adding time-saving value for your patients and your practice.